Another Vampire Diary Drabble: Sick

This is another drabble I wrote. This one gave me feels while I wrote it.

    Damon finally had a day off. There was no drama of any kind today. It was relaxing. That is till Klaus kicked in his front door, sending it to the other side of the room.

            “What the hell man!?” Damon exclaimed as Klaus looked around the room, seeming to be in a panic.

            “Where is Flare?” He demanded.

            “She’s sick.” Damon said simply. He had no idea why he was freaking out so much.

            “Sick? She’s a demon! She can’t get sick!” Klaus argued.

            “She gets it once in a while. Just leave her alone for a few days. She’ll come around.” Klaus paused for a second before storming out of the house.

            “Hey! You’re paying for a new door!” Damon called after him.

            Klaus pulled up to Flare’s house, after speeding and almost killing a few pedestrians. The house was dark, but he knew she was home. He broke the lock on her door and barged into her room. Her room was dark and her whole body was under her covers.

            “Go away Nik.” Flare said from inside her blankets, her voice sounding fine to him.

            “Damon said you were sick. You told me you couldn’t get sick.” Klaus argued.

            “It’s not a normal kind of sickness. Now go away.” She buried deeper into her covers. He suddenly ripped the blankets off her. She jumped into a sitting position, still in her PJ’s. Klaus studied her. She looked perfectly fine to him. He put a hand on her shoulder, but jerked it back instantly. He was almost burned by the heat coming off her.

            “My fire sometimes acts up. It’s harder to control when it’s like this. Hence the intense body heat.” She explained with a sigh. “It’ll even burn you Mr. Hybrid.”

            “Well how do we cool you down?” He questioned, the gears turning in his head. Before she could answer he was out of her room and into her bathroom. She heard water running and then he was out the door again. He rushed back into her bathroom with something in his hands. He rushed to her side picking her up, making sure not to make contact with her skin, and threw her into the bathtub that was filled with ice water. The water sizzled when she made contact. Her head went under and she pulled herself up using the sides of the tub.

            “You do realize I can drown in here right? Besides I tried this the first time. It doesn’t work. I just have to wait it out.” She explained, the ice already melted.

            “I’m not very good at waiting Love.” Nik sighed, helping her out of the tub.

            “Well we can keep each other occupied, just don’t touch me.” She walked back to her room and looked around. “We should have a Netflix marathon!” She said happily.

            “Let’s get you changed first.”

            “No need.” She showed him her already dried clothes. “Perks of being so hot.” He rolled his eyes at the comment.

            For the next two days, Nik was holed up with Flare and loving every minute of it. Not like he would ever admit that though.

            On the third morning, he was woken up by Flare poking his shoulder. If anyone else was doing that, he would rip their hearts out in an instant, but for her he just gave her an annoyed look.

            “What is it Love?” He questioned. She stared at him, long enough to make him a little uncomfortable, then she kissed him. He then noticed that her body temperature was back to its normal toasty self. When she finally pulled back from him, he smiled.

            “Hot hybrid demon sex?” He questioned.

            “Hot hybrid demon sex.” She nodded.